Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re new to the Quality in Business Certification and are looking for straight answers to your questions, we can give you the answers right now in plain English. No jargon, just the information you need. If you any questions not addressed below please also contact us. We would be happy to help you.

Who is the organizing entity for the Quality in Business Certification?

The International Trade Council sets the standards and issues Quality in Business certifications. The International Trade Council is 64 year-old peak-body chamber of commerce representing government trade agencies, chambers of commerce, industry associations and businesses from 176 countries.

What is the Quality in Business Certification?

Certification provides an independent, third-party evaluation to publicly recognize that an organization meets certain standards across every facet of their operation. Thus, a Quality in Business Certification enables an organization to demonstrate their adherence to international best business practices, innovation and continuous improvement. The Quality in Business Certification is a benchmark to assure customers, investors and partners of the reliability and integrity of your organization.

Is the Quality in Business Certification good for any type and size of organization?

Yes there is no business to big or small that wouldn’t benefit from becoming Quality in Business Certified. Ensuring equality, maintaining best business practices and continuous innovation should be part of every organization’s business objectives. Organizations of every shape and size imaginable have Quality in Business Certification, everything from government agencies to, manufacturers, retailers, importers, wholesalers, charities, hotels, transport and services. Certification is useful for large international corporations right down to 1 man operations.

What areas of my organization does the assessment cover?

A Quality in Business Assessment analyzes business practices the following areas:

– Accounting, Finance and Payroll
– Business Continuity Management
– Conservation and Energy Efficiency
– Corporate Social Responsibility
– Customer Service
– Document Management, Security and Control
– Facilities Management
– Health and Safety
– Human Resource Management
– Information Technology / Cyber Security
– Innovation
– Overall Business Management
– Physical Security
– Product / Service Offerings
– Quality Policy and Procedures
– Recycling and Waste Reduction
– Risk Management

How does an organization become Certified?

An organization may get started by contacting the International Trade Council to sign up for the Quality in Business Certification program. You will then be provided a link to an online self-assessment system. After you complete the self-assessment an independent auditor will analyze your results. Should your organization reach the pass-mark a certificate will be issued along with your final grading. If we require additional documentation and/or a site-visit we will inform you.

How/where can I display my Quality in Business Certification?

There are many ways an organization can advertise that they have achieved Quality in Business Certification and that they have a certificate that proves it. Here are some ideas:
– Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & other social media
– Banners at trade shows and company events
– Product packaging
– Company and product promotional materials
– Your organization’s website
– Media / press releases
– Proposals, quotes, tenders etc.
– Business cards, letterheads, brochures
– Company vehicles
– Shipping containers
– Loading/unloading conveyances
– Production equipment
– Indoor / outdoor displays
– Company signage

…and anywhere else you wish to announce your certification

Is there any guarantee that our organization will get certified?

The overall pass mark required to achieve certification is 68{7f06cc4542ed0d15803c54859481dac247b8ef31f3b2b6bc5c93e68c4037b719}. While there is no guarantee you will achieve the passing grade you will be given an option to re-take the assessment again free of charge. We give you the assistance you need to achieve certification but we do not guarantee you will be certified if you fail to reach the final pass mark.

What is the cost to obtain a Quality in Business Certification?

There is no fee for members of the International Trade Council. For non-members the fee is $1999 for the first year and $299 every year thereafter.

What is the cost to update an existing Certification?

There is no fee for members of the International Trade Council. For non-members the fee is $299 per year.

How often will the certification need to be re-done?

Your certification is valid for 1 year. If there has been no major changes in your organization during the year then you will be able to update to the existing certification using a quick form process (less than 30 minutes). If your organization has undergone major changes then you will still be able to update your existing assessment online  but it may take between 1-2 hours to complete any additional questions. Additional auditing or site-visits may also be required.

How long does it take to obtain a Quality in Business Certification?

A standard assessment can take as little as 72 hours (around 6 hours for the online assessment + 2-3 days for our independent auditors to review your submission). Sometimes auditors may require additional supporting documents and/or a site visit. If that is the case then the process may take longer.

What happens if our organization fails Certification?

You will be given the opportunity to re-take the assessment up to 4 times at no additional charge.

What is a non-conformance?

A non-conformance is when something within the business doesn’t go according to plan, which may result in a customer complaint or a delay in the normal process. These are to be viewed as ‘opportunities for improvement’ and are recorded so that trends can be identified and action can be taken.

Will the Certification standards be revised?

In order to maintain their relevance, standards need to evolve. The Certification standards will be periodically reviewed and revised for relevance. Revision is a consultative and transparent process involving representatives from existing Quality in Business Certified organizations, Chambers of Commerce, Government Trade Agencies, Standards Bodies and independent auditors. The next iteration will likely take place towards the end of 2019.

Can you help me get my suppliers to get Certified?

Yes! We can give you special coupon codes to allow you your new and/or existing suppliers to get themselves Quality in Business Certified with up to  a 90{7f06cc4542ed0d15803c54859481dac247b8ef31f3b2b6bc5c93e68c4037b719} discount.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes! If an existing Quality in Business Certified organization refers someone for certification they can either offer them a discount of up to 90{7f06cc4542ed0d15803c54859481dac247b8ef31f3b2b6bc5c93e68c4037b719} on initial certification fees or we will revenue share 75{7f06cc4542ed0d15803c54859481dac247b8ef31f3b2b6bc5c93e68c4037b719} of the certification fees (received from those you refer) with you. If you opt for a referral fee commission then anyone you refer must sign up to the program within 30 days. Should more than 1 person/organization refer another organization then only 1 referral fee shall be paid (and only to the first organization to notify us that they made the referral).

How can I contact your organization?

Our contact information is available directly from our website on the contact us page.