Assessment Areas

The 16 assessment areas serve as to clearly describe the operational standards met in various areas of the organization.

Areas Assessed:

– Accounting and Finance
– Business Continuity Management
– Conservation and Energy Efficiency
– Corporate Social Responsibility
– Customer Service
– Document Management, Security and Control
– Facilities Management
– Health and Safety
– Human Resource Management
– Information Technology / Cyber Security
– Innovation
– Physical Security
– Product / Service Offerings
– Quality Policy and Procedures
– Recycling and Waste Reduction
– Risk Management

Certified organizations must also adhere to 8 basic principles as follows:

– Appropriate product and/or service design and delivery
– Fair and respectful treatment of clients, staff ethics, and non-discrimination
– Transparency
– Innovation
– Quality control
– Corporate social responisibility
– Privacy of employee, client and third-party data
– Security